Royal Crown Derby Paperweight African Cheetah

£2,295.00 £2,700.00

Royal Crown Derby is proud to exclusively present an iconic and evocative hand painted sculpture. The creation of this rare masterpiece is reserved for Royal Crown Derby's most experienced makers and artists, meaning only 100 pieces will be produced. The edition is the first in a series of sculptures called the ‘Big Cat Collection’.

The 29cm fine bone china sculpture depicts the African Cheetah's sleek elegance. More than 20 hours of intricate hand-painting, skilfully captures the coat markings which are individual to both beast and sculpture. Made entirely in Royal Crown Derby's historic Osmaston Works in the heart of England, this stunning piece is sure to be highly sought after by art lovers and ceramic collectors around the world.

Modelled by Richard T Roberts

Hand Painted and Signed by Jackie Morrison

Stands at an impressive height of 29cm.

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