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What is the NAO Lladro and Lladro?

What is NAO Lladro and Lladro? Within the realm of Lladro porcelain creations, there exists another distinct line called NAO Lladro. In this blog post, we will delve into the subtle differences between NAO Lladro and Lladro, shedding light on what sets them apart.

Lladro porcelain: What is the NAO Lladro and Lladro?


The Origins:

Lladro porcelain figurines, characterized by their delicate beauty and exceptional quality, first emerged in the mid-20th century. Founded by three Spanish brothers, Juan, Jose, and Vicente Lladro, the brand quickly gained recognition for its distinctive style and mastery of the porcelain medium. Over time, Lladro's creations became synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

NAO Lladro is simply a distinct line that emerged from the Lladro brand. Introduced in the 1960s, NAO figurines retain the same dedication to craftsmanship and artistic expression. But, they showcase a more simplified and stylized aesthetic. NAO Lladro figurines often exhibit a playful charm, capturing moments of innocence and joy.

Design and Style:

While both NAO Lladro and Lladro porcelain figurines share the hallmark of excellence in craftsmanship, both lines have their own unique styles. 

Lladro figurines are renowned for their intricate detailing, lifelike expressions, and ornate features. These pieces often depict graceful ballerinas, romantic couples, and serene nature scenes, showcasing the mastery of the artisans behind Lladro porcelain.

In contrast, NAO Lladro figurines possess a more minimalist and contemporary style. With clean lines and simplified forms, NAO figurines embrace a modern aesthetic. Yet,  they still manage to preserve the essence of Lladro's artistic legacy. 

Often, these pieces will portray children, animals, and simpler everyday moments, and evoke a sense of innocence and charm.

Pricing and Collectibility:

Due to their distinct characteristics and design elements, NAO Lladro figurines are generally priced more affordably compared to traditional Lladro porcelain figurines. This difference in pricing makes NAO figurines more accessible to a wider range of collectors. Especially those who are just beginning to appreciate the art of Lladro!

However, it's important to note that both Lladro and NAO Lladro figurines hold their value over time, and their collectibility is influenced by factors such as rarity, condition, and desirability among collectors. Lladro porcelain figurines, with their intricate details and traditional appeal, continue to be highly sought after by avid collectors worldwide.


In the world of Lladro porcelain, both NAO Lladro and Lladro figurines showcase exceptional craftsmanship and artistic expression. While Lladro figurines embody intricate details and ornate designs, NAO Lladro figurines captivate with their simpler yet charming style. 

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of Lladro or the contemporary appeal of NAO Lladro, both lines offer collectors an opportunity to own exquisite porcelain creations that celebrate the beauty of artistry.

So, whether you choose Lladro porcelain figurines or NAO Lladro figurines, each piece is a testament to the rich legacy of craftsmanship and creativity that the Lladro brand embodies.

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